Gray/common/brown prawn

Gray/common/brown prawn

Gambero grigio


Scientific name: Crangon crangon

Medium-sized prawn which, alive, has a transparent gray-brown carapace, from which it takes its name. Very popular at the fish market. It is widespread In the Mediterranean, particularly in the Adriatic Sea.


The body is protected by a transparent gray carapace, usually sprinkled with black dots, which turns pink when cooked. Like all prawns, the body can be divided into two basic parts: the front, head with two antennae and two small claws, and the back, abdomen, with the legs, and which ends in a tail. It can reach a maximum length of 9 cm. It is fished by bottom trawling and often undergoes a first heat treatment immediately after fishing to ensure food safety and then is frozen directly on board.


It is found along all of the Mediterranean coast, especially in the Adriatic Sea, up to 20 meters deep, in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms.


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