Action 9.A

Action 9.A


Title Description
Specific objective Efficient and effective management of the FLAG
Action: (CODE) Action 9.A
Purpose of the Action To equip FLAG with logistic, professional and instrumental resources during the programming period
Implementation methods Directly managed project (ownership)
Territorial area of implementation The whole area of the CAG
Eligible projects


  • of the Director
  • of the Raf
  • of the Head Secretary
  • of the Cooperation Manager
  • of the Events Officer
  • of the structure for monitoring and evaluation
Meeting the costs for logistic management, travel, mission and representation activities
Meeting the costs for equipment (telephone systems, printers, etc.)
Expenses incurred for the operation of the structure and for the organizational and administrative tasks related to the functioning of the CAG
Reimbursement of expenses for the decision-making bodies of the CAG
Finance charges Management of the PdA
Expenses related to organizing public meetings
Participation in the proquota expenses of the head office and utilities
Following the selection procedure, an executive project on management costs will be approved by the BoD.
Subjects eligible for funding CAG (with service contract)
Products and expected results Operation of the structure from 2016 to 2023
State aid n.p.
Estimated expenditure Total: € 600.000,00
Public contribution: € 600.000,00
When the activities are scheduled and in which order October 2016 until 2023
Entity responsible for implementation GAC

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